Commercial kitchen ovens, the heartbeat of any kitchen. There is a wide range of oven models out there for you to choose. This is definitely a daunting task a chef will have to go through. You definitely want to fit the kitchen with the right ovens and get the most out of your money. It is important to note what and how much you want to produce. These detail will influence in your oven selection.

UNOX Combi Oven

Combi oven

Combi ovens had been gaining popularity for past recent years. A combi oven has 3 functions; convection, steam and combination cooking. A chef is able to preset between convection and steam to maintain the humidity in the oven, thus maintaining food moisture and consistent cooking results. Another advantage is there is no flavor transfer from raw food in the oven. This enables multiple dishes to be cooked at same time making combi oven more energy efficient. In summary, combi oven saves time and labor while maintaining consistent cooking results.

535 x 662 x 649 mm
Pan Spacing
67 mm
5 GN 2/3
5.2 kW
Required Utilities
230 V / 50 Hz / 1 PH
Additional Info