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Every prepared food or beverage deserves to be displayed in a a chiller showcase whether to keep chilled or warm. At Kitchensmith, we provide 3ft to 6ft length rectangular showcases. Our cake display counters are built with food grade stainless steel and uses energy efficient LED to bring out the best and beauty of your product. Additionally, the glasses are equipped with auto de-frost functions for clear view all day long. Call or email us for more any design not found here. We also provide long or short term rental for events. Check out other equipment at Kitchensmith’s online e-Store!

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Chiller showcase for a cake shop? A bread shop? A flower shop? Regardless which type of shop, you need a display counter to promote your skillfully crafted cookies, cakes, flowers, jellies, and many more. This showcase is build with beautiful high quality glass to bring out the beauty of your products to attract customers. More importantly, the showcase comes with auto de-frost function to maintain a clear view of your products. Not only that, energy efficient LED lights are installed to bring out the beauty of your products.

4ft cake display counter

4ft chiller showcase

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Dimensions N/A

0°C to 6°C


230V – 1N


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