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To begin, we provide stainless steel shelves and tables, customize kitchen layout and distribution of commercial kitchen equipment. A well planned commercial kitchen with proper kitchen equipment enables quick kitchen preparation and quality food. Besides that, Kitchensmith is here to assists your new commercial kitchen start up with our lease/rental services. To add on, our equipment selection had been widely used in this industry for many years. Due to this, we are able to provide a comprehensive warranty coverage.

Kitchensmith has more than 20 years of experience, originated in Penang as DoubleTop Sdn Bhd and Oriental Steel Sdn Bhd. Coupled with our vast knowledge and experience, DoubleTop becomes the most trusted and biggest supplier in Penang. Kitchensmith also partners with local Singapore manufacturer to encourage and boost local economy. Another advantage of local manufacturer is faster innovation to meet local market demand and local expertise for advice or fast recovery. Hence, we understands the needs of individual commercial kitchen. To summarize, this allows Kitchensmith to innovate to market trend and F&B industry requirement.

Kitchensmith is here to help you achieve and sustain a long term success in F&B. To add on, our business model is far sighted based on loyalty and integrity. In particular, our equipment lease program provides the most comprehensive warranty coverage in the industry. Lastly, let us help you to prepare awesome food in Singapore. Call us at +65 9159 0497 or email us at to find out more.