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Welcome to Kitchensmith Pte Ltd E-Store! We are a genuine registered Singapore company (UEN: 201821180C) registered in 2018. Kitchensmith eliminates additional cost and brings convenience in your hunt for commercial kitchen equipment. We list out as much detail as possible in your pursuit to find the best equipment for your commercial kitchen. In addition, Kitchensmith provides full transparency in all aspects whether buying a new equipment, used equipment or even renting an equipment.

Kitchensmith has the most comprehensive lease or purchase warranty coverage in this industry. We work with OEM and many entry players for better and more durable equipment in this industry. Concurrently, we are continuously improving performance and capabilities together with equipment manufacturers. All these are done to bring commercial kitchen equipment industry to the next level at competitive pricing.

A full potential kitchen will have many satisfied and returning customers. Our range of competitive price commercial kitchen equipment will be well suited at optimal performance. Checkout below promotion on our cake display counters, ice makers, deep fryer, ovens, salad bar and many more. Rest assured, online transaction is secured and our staff will be at your service once a purchased is initiated.

Build to Order

Kitchensmith would like to introduce our new program, build to order equipment. This is a new program for new machine purchases such as refrigerator, kwali, griddle and more will only be built upon online order submission. This directly translates to a 15% savings with a lead time of 6 weeks. The direct savings comes from freight, manpower and warehousing. Our quality products comes with 2 years parts warranty; matching only to premium brands in Singapore.

Place an order online here and submit a code “BTO20” to enable the 15% discount for new equipment purchases. Our staff will be in touch with you to further understand your requirements and usage. Please let us know any modifications or changes are needed. Kitchensmith will gladly assist to all your requirements.

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