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Browse our selection of upright refrigerator from single door to 6 doors. Our wide selection consists of chiller or freezer or even combination of both. Our selection of upright refrigerators are catered for stalls, cafes, restaurants and hotels. A well maintained upright refrigerator can lasts 10 to 15 years. Do not forget to inquire about our maintenance package for a longer lasting refrigerator. The cooling coil and fan needs to periodically cleaned to reduce energy usage and to maintain temperature to reduce stress on the compressor.

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Why use a commercial upright refrigerator? Space of course! A commercial upright refrigerator uses less space as compared to a chest freezer or work table refrigerator. An easy way to determine across different type or even brand is using volume / floor space. The higher the better for an upright refrigerator. Another reason is more organized. An upright refrigerator has shelves to organize items and material. It is easy to reach in a busy kitchen. An important factor of a kitchen is being organized for fast preparation. Imagine a person blocking the path digging for an item deep in a chest freezer. The shelves also helps to compartmentalize raw food. This prevents cross contamination with raw food. It is easy to clean an upright refrigerator as the shelves are within reach.

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