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Under counter or work table refrigerator utilizes the space in a commercial kitchen because it combines preparation and refrigeration space. This is a common equipment to increase productivity in a commercial kitchen. You could add a high profit customized pizzas, sandwiches and other recipe to your menu with just a under counter refrigerator.

One of the most common usage is space for ingredients that needs to be sliced or prepared before serving. Some common ingredients are fruits, vegetables, toppings and meat used for salad, pizza and sandwich. The work table refrigerator is also used to store sauces and dessert toppings. There are countless ingredients that can be stored on a work table refrigerator. Above are common dishes that also includes bagels, burgers and stir fry dishes.

Customized sandwich and salad preparation refrigerators allow you to keep all of your prepped ingredients easily within reach, making it easy to assemble dishes. Pizza preparation refrigerators have a convenient surface for assembling your pizzas as well as a refrigerated area where you can store your pizza toppings. You could also add overhead shelving for containers or to go boxes to fully maximize space. Contact us and drop us a note for customization. Our friendly staff will get in touch with you.



There are many sources of worktable refrigerator in the market. The purchase price of refrigerator does not tell the whole story of the costs. To decide which type of refrigerator you can best afford, you will need to find out how much it will cost to run the different kinds as well as how much you will pay in the first place.

Use the power rating of refrigerator and multiple with 0.23 per kWh (SP tariff cost). This will get per hour electricity cost and a general idea how much is the operation cost. Do note temperature control affects the power consumption directly. Cold enough is the aim, but do not overdo it. Where the refrigerator is placed will also affect the power consumption. If possible, place it somewhere cool. The compressor overworks when placed somewhere hot. This will drive up electricity and repair bills.

Below are some handling and maintenance tips for under counter refrigerator;

  • Have space allowance for airflow
  • Keep out of area with excessive heat or humidity to avoid rise in food temperature
  • Verify cord length and type to ensure proper installation and outlet. Under counter refrigerator are most commonly used and abused unit of commercial kitchen equipment.
  • A well organized and planned commercial kitchen utilize high energy efficiency, thus decreases electricity bills. Take note of heat and chill equipment placement.



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