Starting a F&B outlet is a daunting tasks for a newcomer to F&B industry. Multiple challenges from finding a premise and ensuring government agencies compliance (NEA, URA, SFA and even SPDF). There is a long checklist provided in Singapore Food Agency website prior to obtaining a F&B license for premise operation ranging from pest control to exhaust requirements. It is good to extend your network and learn quickly from experience F&B owners. Otherwise, there is a hefty tuition fees learning on your own.

Luckily, AllaboutFnB is a consolidation of suppliers, even consultant for grants and marketing whose only objective is to provide information to F&B owners at their fingertips. Below is quoted directly from their website;

“We are a network of different vendors, wholesale suppliers, consultants supporting everything your food business needs from starting to running it. We support local F&B business by providing ease of search, quotations comparison & promotions when you join us in our network.”

You could quickly compare quotes from multiple supplier for similar services. Kitchensmith is listed as one of the commercial kitchen equipment supplier in AllaboutFnB who provides equipment leasing to F&B kitchen. There is also an article on starting F&B outlet.

Keep cost low and maintain quality. AllaboutFnB and Kitchensmith have the same passion in helping F&B owners. Always be prepared for a full crowd and rainy days. You learn as you go along and build your experience. Do not give up, at the end of the day, your passion and determination in F&B shall be rewarded.